Polymer Injection Technology: Turning Old Tires into Steel

When we think of transportation, images of vehicles big and small might come to mind. Cars, trucks, planes, ships, all with their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to choosing the right vehicle to move your products (or yourself). Though when it comes to sustainability, the focus is on the emissions of these vehicles. [...]

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Is Microfibrillated Cellulose The Future of Barrier Packaging?

Plastic has been the front-runner in food packaging for decades now. With its hardiness, malleability, and inherent air and moisture resistance, it's been a natural (artificial) choice as a food-safe material. Though it might keep your favorite snacks protected from bacteria or and excess air causing them to go stale, however, our extensive obsession with [...]

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How Precious Plastic is Reshaping Our Waste Problem

It's often all too easy for businesses to dismiss recycling and green initiatives as too costly to implement compared to conventional methods. After all, a good capitalist knows one ought to maximize revenue while minimizing expenses, right? But just as rent or property taxes, equipment, wages, and whatever else you care to list off your books is considered [...]

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The Plastic Bottle Cutter Spins Waste into Rope

While the art of recycling plastic bottles into rope isn’t new, the inventors behind the Plastic Bottle Cutter sure are making it trendy. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Plastic Bottle Cutter might be a clever way to make the best of a bad situation (that is, the ridiculous amount of plastic waste that’s tossed [...]

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Say Hello to FLEXE, the Airbnb of Warehousing

All too often, there are small businesses that need extra storage space, but can barely afford the rent of an annual lease. Meanwhile, seasonal companies with large warehouses have more empty floor space than they know what to do with. Seattle-based logistics start-up FLEXE is looking to bridge those missed connections. Though the company's been in and [...]

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This New Photocell Turns CO2 into Fuel, Thinks It’s a Plant

Finally, it looks like we might be able to tap into the process that our leafy cohabitants have been mastering for thousands (if not millions) of years. A research team at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has come up with a new photocell that harnesses the power of artificial photosynthesis, taking carbon dioxide and [...]

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How Farm from a Box Could Feed the World

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables from a farm just outside of town is more than just an industry gimmick using "organic" and "locally sourced" as buzzwords. In fact, that we've grown to prefer conventional mass-production harvesting over natural, small farm agriculture practices is more than a little backwards. With the rising cost of food logistics [...]

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