Manufacturing Enzymes to Save World from Climate Change

Trying to stop climate change is a tough challenge to overcome. With carbon dioxide levels running amok since the Industrial Revolution almost two centuries ago, it’ll be difficult to undo that damage in a shorter amount of time. Luckily, humanity has been gifted with intelligence and adaptability where our scientists seek to solve these problems [...]

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IKEA unveils its Plans for Mushroom-Based Packaging

There’s an increasing number of alternatives to plastic packaging as the market becomes more aware and concerned about sustainable practices. With that in mind, companies and researchers are looking high and low for innovative inspiration. In IKEA’s case, their answer to replacing polystyrene packaging might as well have been hiding under a log. No, we’re [...]

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The Truth Behind Sweden’s Recycling Program

Since Huffington Post ran an article two years ago on Sweden’s 99 percent efficient recycling program, many environmentalists and green energy advocates have used them as an example of sound energy and waste management. While the country boasts that it needs to import garbage from its neighbors in order to keep its own plants running, [...]

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Kimberly-Clark Turns Gloves into Furniture with RightCycle

When it comes to recycling, people focus on the big four materials: metals, glass, paper, and plastics. However, those aren’t the only materials that need a second, third, or fourth life. Heck, even some objects within those categories aren’t able to be properly recycled. Kimberly-Clark Professional is taking on these niches, honing in on recycling [...]

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How2Recycle and the Standardization of Recycling Labels

When we think of recycling, we often break things down into a few main categories such as plastics, metals, and paper. As technology advances and more materials (and their variants) are created, the process of recycling them efficiently and effectively becomes challenging. Doubly so when no one's really sure what bin to toss them in. [...]

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New “Smart Fabric” Collects Energy from the Sun, Wind

Wearable technology like smart watches might be a growing trend, but what about generating your own power with the clothes on your back? Granted, they haven’t invented solar-harvesting shirts yet, but an international team of nanomaterials scientists and engineers have come up with a “smart fabric” that collects energy from the sun, the wind, and [...]

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DroneSeed Wants to Regrow the World’s Forests With Drones

Trees are pretty great: they give us shade, timber, paper, and even food in some cases. On top of that (and most importantly), they help us breathe, scrubbing about 30% of annual carbon dioxide emissions from the air and replacing it with precious oxygen. But with rampant deforestation and the high resource and labor costs [...]

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RanMarine’s Waste Shark Eats Trash Floating in the Ocean

Dutch sustainable technology innovators are at it again, this time with an aquatic drone with an appetite for trash floating at sea. RanMarine and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have teamed up and set loose the first wave of Waste Sharks, autonomous robots with an aim to keep our waterways clean. It's not news that [...]

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Online Grocery Sales Swell to $48 Billion Globally

As omnichannel and ecommerce continue to grow, so too do the offerings of what one can buy over the Internet. Food and fast-moving consumer goods are quickly taking over a decent market share, reaching almost $50 billion worldwide, with no indicator of slowing down anytime soon. According to a report from Kantar Worldpanel, the fast-moving [...]

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