What We Know About Amazon’s Drone Delivery Program

Despite the green light for small businesses to begin experimenting with their own drone delivery programs, corporate behemoths such as Google, Walmart, and Amazon are still heavily restricted from blotting out American skies with swarms of robots. With most of the others’ details left in the dark, Amazon has been more vocal about its own [...]

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What on Earth are Metallized Films?

When people think of packaging, it’s easy to think that most materials are homogeneous (that is, the same type of material throughout): you have plastic films, metal foils, and paper and cardboard packaging, all straightforward and rather basic on their own. However, this is the 21st century, an era of scientific innovation spurred on by [...]

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What is AmazonFresh?

As ecommerce continues to grow and adapt to market demands, industries such as online grocery shopping grow with them. And as one of the major drivers of that change, Amazon is looking at rolling out its AmazonFresh program not only within the United States, but in Europe and even Southeast Asia. But what does the [...]

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Do You Know About Direct-Package Printing?

Hailed as the up-and-coming printing method, direct-package printing is primed to innovate the way we decorate packaging. By eliminating the need for labels, businesses can print directly on packages of any shape and size, opening limitless creative doors. But is it really all that it’s cracked up to be? You might have already heard about [...]

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Earthbound Delivery Drones on the Horizon (and the Sidewalk)

For fans of I, Robot, it looks like science fiction, yet again, is bleeding into reality. While we’ve still got a ways to go before human-like androids act as personal plastic-formed assistants, one company is rolling out earthbound delivery drones to make last-mile delivery runs. While the drones of the air neither reap, nor sow, [...]

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What’s So Important About Green Logistics?

We do a lot of talking about sustainability and green technology. While imagery associated with recycling and Mother Nature might come to mind, what exactly are green logistics as an industrial practice? Indeed, going green isn't just some passing trend championed by "mamby pamby hippies" as some of the old guard capitalists might have you [...]

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Why Distributed Order Management is Important to Your Success

We’ve already covered what distributed order management is in one of our earlier posts. What we haven’t talked about, however, is how implementing it in your current logistics infrastructure is essential to success in the 21st century marketplace. And of course, like most innovation, the sooner you hop on this train before your competitors, the [...]

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Water-Gen Wicks Clean Drinking Water Straight from the Air

Dehumidifiers have been around for years, sucking excess moisture from the air and leaving it to collect in bins we all too often dump out. Water-Gen, an Israeli water tech company, is adapting that same principle for practice use, wicking ambient moisture and condensing it into pure drinking water for those who need it most. [...]

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The New Steam Engine: Hydrogen-Powered Trains Coming Soon

While hydrogen-powered cars might be falling to the wayside in favor of electric alternatives, trains covering long distances might hop on the hydrogen trend. French train manufacturer Alstom has recently unveiled the Coradia iLint, a new train free of carbon dioxide emissions thanks to its hydrogen fuel cells. Even with diesel-powered trains, traveling by rail [...]

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