Sustainable Cooperation: How Caring For Our Planet Helps Us Care for Each Other

We live on a planet that supports over seven billion people. There are cities and settlements on every continent, in every climate, barring only the harshest, most inhospitable environments. Although we have so much space and have thrived thus far, we consume so much that the waste we create is threatening the well-being of our [...]

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Eating Green: Can You Trust the Terms?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you know that sustainable, organic agriculture and local food are growing trends worldwide. In your local grocery store, there are likely entire sections filled with produce plastered with “local” and “organic” stickers that proclaim their benefits to body, environment, and community. It’s more expensive, [...]

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Viral Marketing: How Meme Culture is Making Sales

We live in an age dominated by meme culture. New pictures, videos, and ideas are gaining popularity and spreading like wildfire in a matter of days. For anyone involved in advertising, this might seem like a dream come true. It’s exactly what anyone wants for their product - instant, cheap, large-scale marketing campaigns that essentially [...]

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It Came from Inside the Package: How Smart Packaging is Shaping the Food Industry

In an increasingly interconnected world, we’re relying more and more on our devices and the way they communicate with the objects around us. We’re seeing the advent of a world where we’re not only getting information from other humans and our computers - we’re getting it from the objects and devices that make up our [...]

What is Blockchain?

Move over, Bitcoin. Blockchain technology is increasingly gaining ground beyond trading cryptocurrency. But what exactly is it and how will it affect the world of logistics (among other things)? As a current inhabitant of the 21st century, you are already familiar with how technology brings people and businesses together with ease. Social media, online shopping, news, [...]