Stylish Solar: How Companies are Making Panels Look Pleasant

The cost of solar energy is declining, and solar panels and batteries are becoming more efficient. In 2017, a number of aesthetically pleasing, technologically fascinating, and economically efficient installations have hit the market. While there are plenty more than what we're addressing here, we’ll be taking a look at ways companies are enticing new customers [...]

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How Commerce Is Helping Us Clean Up Ocean Plastic

You already know that literal tons of plastic are floating in the oceans, causing a plethora of ecological and health-related problems. Aside from keeping plastics waste out of the ocean, some companies are now actively pulling the plastic out to be reused as feedstock for production. Who are they and how can you better utilize [...]

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Cities Turn to Drones, Delivery Bikes to Make Last Mile Deliveries

Traditional delivery trucks are the backbone of the modern delivery business for good reason. They’re built to haul large amounts of cargo over long distances, and they do their job well. However, as urban centers become ever more congested, and online shopping becomes more popular, the drawbacks to these vehicles are becoming ever more obvious. [...]

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Could Upgrading Our Railroads Help Solve Climate Change?

America’s iconic transcontinental railroad system is symbolic of our hard work and innovation. Since its inception, it brought settlement to the frontier and enabled us to transport goods and passengers between our coasts with unheard of speed. Today, it presents another opportunity to revolutionize American transportation. As we search for ways to take large trucks off [...]

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