Net Neutrality and Online Business

Net neutrality has been making headlines for several years. As the debate continues to rage over what exactly a “free Internet” means large cable companies attempt to resist regulation by the Federal Communications Committee (FCC). Consumers and business owners alike need to be made aware of what net neutrality is and the potential effects of [...]

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The Dirt on Conventional vs. Organic Farming

Americans continue to embrace and encourage organic farming. It’s important to understand exactly what organic farming means, what the benefits are, and if there are reasonable counterpoints from supporters of conventional techniques. According to the Organic Trade Association’s 2017 Organic Industry Survey, popularity of organic food is continuing its upward trend. In the United States, [...]

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Amazon Turns to India for Ecommerce

As Indian consumers gain spending money and greater access to the online marketplace, Amazon increases focus on the burgeoning market in close competition with China's Alibaba. Domestic businesses strive to hold on to their markets before it’s too late. India is an economic powerhouse with the potential to become even more prominent on a global [...]

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Augmented Reality and Online Shopping

Starting as a gimmick with games and other apps, augmented reality will soon allow consumers to visualize products with their smartphones before they make a purchase. While the technology is still in its relative infancy, it stands to quickly become an ecommerce trend. You look around your room and see a familiar scene. The bed [...]

The Value of the Internet of Things

During an industry shake-up, those who emerge successfully are those who harness the benefits of new trends better than their competition. As technological innovation continues to proliferate every sector, so too do the connections between the hardware we’ve grown reliant on. The "Internet of Things" is an intricately woven spider web of networks. Knowing how [...]

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