Ecolabeling and the Culture of Sustainability

We have all heard of “going green,” or a “greener” way of living life, but what does that actually mean? Going green can be as simple as recycling or as involved as living a trash-free lifestyle. For companies, one way to go green is ecolabeling. Ecolabeling is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification that is [...]

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What Automated Stores Mean for Mobile Marketing

While digital retailing continues to encroach on physical retail’s territory, face-to-face shopping is not going down without a fight. Just as traditional business models must account for new technology and trends favoring automation, the processes that support those models such as mobile marketing must adapt to the times. Physical Retailing for Introverts Earlier this past [...]

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2018 Rings in New Trends in Packaging Design

At the end of 2017, Packaging Digest shared their predictions for 2018’s biggest design trends in the packaging industry. Packaging Digest predicts saying “ba-bye” to “overly masculine packaging graphics, tiny type and boring colors” and asserts that small consumer packaged goods companies (“small” is defined as those with annual sales of less than $1 billion) [...]

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