Ecolabeling and the Culture of Sustainability

We have all heard of “going green,” or a “greener” way of living life, but what does that actually mean? Going green can be as simple as recycling or as involved as living a trash-free lifestyle. For companies, one way to go green is ecolabeling. Ecolabeling is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification that is [...]

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What Automated Stores Mean for Mobile Marketing

While digital retailing continues to encroach on physical retail’s territory, face-to-face shopping is not going down without a fight. Just as traditional business models must account for new technology and trends favoring automation, the processes that support those models such as mobile marketing must adapt to the times. Physical Retailing for Introverts Earlier this past [...]

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From Waste to Winner: The Reclaimed Plastics Economy

Plastic waste remains one of the largest global ecological issues, but earth-friendly entrepreneurs are increasing demand for reclaimed plastic to give it new life beyond the landfill. The production of plastic requires complex methods and costly equipment. It is mind-boggling to think that so much time, energy, and money is spent on something that ends [...]

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The Expanding World of Amazon

Introduced in the United States in 2005, the Amazon Prime program extended unlimited free two-day shipping to customers who paid a yearly fee. Since that time, Amazon has expanded the program to include grocery delivery, video streaming, and other perks while simultaneously spreading Prime services to additional demographics and countries. Since 2005, Amazon Prime has [...]

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Produce that Produces: The Effect of Digital Marketing on Grocery

There’s not much difference from one orange to another. Nevertheless, today’s consumers are inundated with options when shopping for ingredients for their next meal. It’s no longer enough for a grocery store to simply exist; to be successful, they need to convince potential customers that their produce is in some way superior to the selection [...]

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The Best of Both Worlds: Online And Physical Retail Together

Electronics retailer Best Buy has posted online sales exceeding $1 billion for three consecutive quarters, exemplifying an economy that continues to gravitate toward the Internet. At the same time, online-only retailers have been investing in short-term physical locations to sell their wares. What does this two-way trend mean for the future of retail? Over the [...]

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Oracle Takes on Amazon in Cloud Computing

American technology company Oracle has been in fierce competition with Amazon over dominance of the market for cloud-based products. They’re upping their game with regard to remote computing and storage technology, introducing advanced artificial intelligence and improved efficiency to their platform. It’s never easy for anyone to defeat the ecommerce giant in direct competition, but [...]

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Albertsons Acquires Meal Kit Startup Plated

In September Albertsons, a large supermarket chain, acquired Plated, a New York-based meal kit delivery service. In what looks like a move to compete with Amazon Fresh, Albertsons is making their own foray into the meal kit market. If you’ve seen ABC’s investment TV show “Shark Tank,” a company by the name of Plated might [...]

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