Google Loonacy: How Tech Companies Are Restoring A Ravaged Puerto Rico

On September 20th, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria a mere two weeks after a brush with another hurricane, Irma. Recovery efforts in the ravaged U.S. territory have been lackluster, and many are still without power, water, or communication. Surprisingly, some of the most innovative and enthusiastic support has come from non-traditional sources -- [...]

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Cities Turn to Drones, Delivery Bikes to Make Last Mile Deliveries

Traditional delivery trucks are the backbone of the modern delivery business for good reason. They’re built to haul large amounts of cargo over long distances, and they do their job well. However, as urban centers become ever more congested, and online shopping becomes more popular, the drawbacks to these vehicles are becoming ever more obvious. [...]

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What We Know About Amazon’s Drone Delivery Program

Despite the green light for small businesses to begin experimenting with their own drone delivery programs, corporate behemoths such as Google, Walmart, and Amazon are still heavily restricted from blotting out American skies with swarms of robots. With most of the others’ details left in the dark, Amazon has been more vocal about its own [...]

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Earthbound Delivery Drones on the Horizon (and the Sidewalk)

For fans of I, Robot, it looks like science fiction, yet again, is bleeding into reality. While we’ve still got a ways to go before human-like androids act as personal plastic-formed assistants, one company is rolling out earthbound delivery drones to make last-mile delivery runs. While the drones of the air neither reap, nor sow, [...]

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UPS and CyPhy Team Up For Last-Mile Drone Delivery

With the passing of new legislation allowing for commercial drone usage, American companies are excited to test out their robotic toys, eager to see how they’ll innovate the way we do business. While major logistics companies and retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, and UPS are still unable to employ the technology en masse, UPS and [...]

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DroneSeed Wants to Regrow the World’s Forests With Drones

Trees are pretty great: they give us shade, timber, paper, and even food in some cases. On top of that (and most importantly), they help us breathe, scrubbing about 30% of annual carbon dioxide emissions from the air and replacing it with precious oxygen. But with rampant deforestation and the high resource and labor costs [...]

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RanMarine’s Waste Shark Eats Trash Floating in the Ocean

Dutch sustainable technology innovators are at it again, this time with an aquatic drone with an appetite for trash floating at sea. RanMarine and the Port of Rotterdam Authority have teamed up and set loose the first wave of Waste Sharks, autonomous robots with an aim to keep our waterways clean. It's not news that [...]

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Can You Shoot Down Pesky Trespassing Drones?

Many find civil drone technology exciting and innovative, but there are plenty of people who are more annoyed than impressed. With nosy neighbors taking their camera-equipped drones out for a flight around the cul-de sac, some worry about the invasion of their privacy and personal space. Some people have even taken it upon themselves to shoot down trespassing [...]

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From War to Work: Civilian Drones in the United States

There’s been a lot of buzz about drones lately, especially in the past couple of years. Every day it gets harder to avoid them, whether they're trending on the Internet or zooming by your window; everybody and their grandmother seems to be getting their own pet drone nowadays. But this rapidly growing market has prompted widespread discussion, namely [...]

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