The Expanding World of Amazon

Introduced in the United States in 2005, the Amazon Prime program extended unlimited free two-day shipping to customers who paid a yearly fee. Since that time, Amazon has expanded the program to include grocery delivery, video streaming, and other perks while simultaneously spreading Prime services to additional demographics and countries. Since 2005, Amazon Prime has [...]

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Produce that Produces: The Effect of Digital Marketing on Grocery

There’s not much difference from one orange to another. Nevertheless, today’s consumers are inundated with options when shopping for ingredients for their next meal. It’s no longer enough for a grocery store to simply exist; to be successful, they need to convince potential customers that their produce is in some way superior to the selection [...]

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The Best of Both Worlds: Online And Physical Retail Together

Electronics retailer Best Buy has posted online sales exceeding $1 billion for three consecutive quarters, exemplifying an economy that continues to gravitate toward the Internet. At the same time, online-only retailers have been investing in short-term physical locations to sell their wares. What does this two-way trend mean for the future of retail? Over the [...]

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Net Neutrality and Online Business

Net neutrality has been making headlines for several years. As the debate continues to rage over what exactly a “free Internet” means large cable companies attempt to resist regulation by the Federal Communications Committee (FCC). Consumers and business owners alike need to be made aware of what net neutrality is and the potential effects of [...]

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Amazon Turns to India for Ecommerce

As Indian consumers gain spending money and greater access to the online marketplace, Amazon increases focus on the burgeoning market in close competition with China's Alibaba. Domestic businesses strive to hold on to their markets before it’s too late. India is an economic powerhouse with the potential to become even more prominent on a global [...]

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Augmented Reality and Online Shopping

Starting as a gimmick with games and other apps, augmented reality will soon allow consumers to visualize products with their smartphones before they make a purchase. While the technology is still in its relative infancy, it stands to quickly become an ecommerce trend. You look around your room and see a familiar scene. The bed [...]

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Ecommerce continues to act as an upsetting force throughout the industrial world, prompting rapid advances in technology and the way we conduct business. The most recent upheaval a merger between nationwide drugstore chain CVS and Aetna, one of America’s largest healthcare providers. As other corporations like Amazon and UPS change the status quo in their [...]

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Why Product Reviews Matter

Imagine your target customer. They’re in the market for a product like yours. Opening their web browser, they search. The search brings up your product, or maybe it doesn’t. Your potential customer compares options. What brands offer this product at what price? Are there different models available? What are the differences between them? They settle [...]

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The Rise of Voice Shopping

Voice recognition has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until Apple introduced Siri in 2011 along with its iPhone 4s that voice assistants entered the marketplace. The release of competitive technology from Google and Microsoft in the years following solidified that voice-activated tech was here to stay. The assistants -- ever-present on phones, computers, [...]

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