The Dirt on Conventional vs. Organic Farming

Americans continue to embrace and encourage organic farming. It’s important to understand exactly what organic farming means, what the benefits are, and if there are reasonable counterpoints from supporters of conventional techniques. According to the Organic Trade Association’s 2017 Organic Industry Survey, popularity of organic food is continuing its upward trend. In the United States, [...]

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Interview: The Mount Bakery and the Importance of Supporting the Community

Farm-to-table is an increasingly important facet in local food economy that businesses are learning they can’t ignore. While some might consider it a strange movement that has no basis in cost-effectiveness, the Mount Bakery of Bellingham, Washington is a case that proves sourcing food locally not only builds their bottom line, but their bond with [...]

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Eating Green: Can You Trust the Terms?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you know that sustainable, organic agriculture and local food are growing trends worldwide. In your local grocery store, there are likely entire sections filled with produce plastered with “local” and “organic” stickers that proclaim their benefits to body, environment, and community. It’s more expensive, [...]

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How Farm from a Box Could Feed the World

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables from a farm just outside of town is more than just an industry gimmick using "organic" and "locally sourced" as buzzwords. In fact, that we've grown to prefer conventional mass-production harvesting over natural, small farm agriculture practices is more than a little backwards. With the rising cost of food logistics [...]

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AgriCULTURE: How Farm-to-Table Builds Strong Communities

It's easy to dismiss the whole "Eat Fresh, Local, and Organic" craze as nothing more than a passing trend. Only hippies and health nuts are willing to pay extra just for a fancy green sticker on their food, right? With all this technology and mass, conventional farming techniques, why do the steps in between matter? If it tastes [...]