Packaging Films for Every Possibility

Do you ship fragile items? Maybe your products are an untraditional shape or extra-large. Would you believe that the MINI PAK’R inflates packing material that protects any and all of these possibilities? We have the right type of film for your product – let us help you find it. Why waste precious space with pre-filled [...]

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The Expanding World of Amazon

Introduced in the United States in 2005, the Amazon Prime program extended unlimited free two-day shipping to customers who paid a yearly fee. Since that time, Amazon has expanded the program to include grocery delivery, video streaming, and other perks while simultaneously spreading Prime services to additional demographics and countries. Since 2005, Amazon Prime has [...]

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Interview: The Mount Bakery and the Importance of Supporting the Community

Farm-to-table is an increasingly important facet in local food economy that businesses are learning they can’t ignore. While some might consider it a strange movement that has no basis in cost-effectiveness, the Mount Bakery of Bellingham, Washington is a case that proves sourcing food locally not only builds their bottom line, but their bond with [...]

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Interview: Jan Spencer and the Importance of Permaculture

Living sustainably means organizing our lives in a way that will allow future generations to be happy and healthy. Permaculture is a method and a way of thinking that addresses designing things with sustainable ideas in mind. It provides a reliable method for organizing that design, and is evolving and expanding every day. Jan Spencer [...]

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A Clash of Titans: A Look At Walmart’s Strategy For Taking On Amazon

As Walmart attempts to stay relevant in a rapidly changing commercial climate, it’s been acquiring smaller businesses in an effort to diversify and add talent to their executive roster. With arch-rival Amazon looming and employing a similar strategy, Walmart has been buying out corporations at a rapid pace since the middle of last year. Walmart [...]

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How Commerce Is Helping Us Clean Up Ocean Plastic

You already know that literal tons of plastic are floating in the oceans, causing a plethora of ecological and health-related problems. Aside from keeping plastics waste out of the ocean, some companies are now actively pulling the plastic out to be reused as feedstock for production. Who are they and how can you better utilize [...]

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What is Blockchain?

Move over, Bitcoin. Blockchain technology is increasingly gaining ground beyond trading cryptocurrency. But what exactly is it and how will it affect the world of logistics (among other things)? As a current inhabitant of the 21st century, you are already familiar with how technology brings people and businesses together with ease. Social media, online shopping, news, [...]