Oracle Takes on Amazon in Cloud Computing

American technology company Oracle has been in fierce competition with Amazon over dominance of the market for cloud-based products. They’re upping their game with regard to remote computing and storage technology, introducing advanced artificial intelligence and improved efficiency to their platform. It’s never easy for anyone to defeat the ecommerce giant in direct competition, but [...]

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Augmented Reality and Online Shopping

Starting as a gimmick with games and other apps, augmented reality will soon allow consumers to visualize products with their smartphones before they make a purchase. While the technology is still in its relative infancy, it stands to quickly become an ecommerce trend. You look around your room and see a familiar scene. The bed [...]

The Value of the Internet of Things

During an industry shake-up, those who emerge successfully are those who harness the benefits of new trends better than their competition. As technological innovation continues to proliferate every sector, so too do the connections between the hardware we’ve grown reliant on. The "Internet of Things" is an intricately woven spider web of networks. Knowing how [...]

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Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Ecommerce continues to act as an upsetting force throughout the industrial world, prompting rapid advances in technology and the way we conduct business. The most recent upheaval a merger between nationwide drugstore chain CVS and Aetna, one of America’s largest healthcare providers. As other corporations like Amazon and UPS change the status quo in their [...]

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The Rise of Voice Shopping

Voice recognition has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until Apple introduced Siri in 2011 along with its iPhone 4s that voice assistants entered the marketplace. The release of competitive technology from Google and Microsoft in the years following solidified that voice-activated tech was here to stay. The assistants -- ever-present on phones, computers, [...]

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Strength in Unity: An Overview of Hybrid Packaging Materials

For millennia, humans have been combining elements and materials together to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. It’s no different in the packaging industry, where hybrid packaging and multi-layered materials are found nearly everywhere. Homer’s Iliad is the earliest description of the Chimera, a terrifying mythical beast. In the epic poem, it’s described as [...]

Cost and Efficiency: How Automation is Redefining Foodservice

In a world that increasingly prefers to shop online, our changing habits in how we purchase goods and service are having an effect on the way we eat. Restaurants, intent on catering to the modern customer, are employing things like automated ordering and augmented reality into their dining experience. Not to mention even credit cards [...]

It Came from Inside the Package: How Smart Packaging is Shaping the Food Industry

In an increasingly interconnected world, we’re relying more and more on our devices and the way they communicate with the objects around us. We’re seeing the advent of a world where we’re not only getting information from other humans and our computers - we’re getting it from the objects and devices that make up our [...]