Packaging Films for Every Possibility

Do you ship fragile items? Maybe your products are an untraditional shape or extra-large. Would you believe that the MINI PAK’R inflates packing material that protects any and all of these possibilities? We have the right type of film for your product – let us help you find it. Why waste precious space with pre-filled [...]

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What is Microwave-Assisted Thermal Sterilization?

Microwave-assisted thermal sterilization (MAT) was developed initially as an alternative food preparation method for combat zones. Now, demand for this five-year-old technology has expanded beyond the battlefield. All humans must eat. In the 21st century, a huge amount of advanced technology exists with the sole purpose of feeding us. However, it’s unlikely that you will [...]

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The Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

Cost and a lack of scalable innovations are barriers for sustainable business strategies, though there are many benefits to minimizing your footprint that exceed the expense. Thinking outside the box when it comes to your company’s packaging and shipping processes can keep your budget in the black while keeping the rest of the world green. [...]

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Biodegradable vs. Bioplastics: What’s the Difference?

Plastic that breaks down in weeks rather than centuries sounds fantastic. As concerns over plastic waste mount, the biodegradable plastics industry is growing rapidly coming up with all sorts of alternatives. However, it’s not as simple as simply throwing these new plastics in your backyard and letting nature take its course. By now, no one [...]

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Under The Cap: How Induction Sealing Works

Induction sealing technology is a widespread packaging technique, used in industries from pharmaceuticals to food production. There’s an interesting process behind those little foil seals on the necks of bottles, and some even more interesting history. Let’s take a look. It was 1982 in Chicago, and a string of inexplicable deaths had the city on [...]

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New Compressible Beverage Carton Shrinks As You Drink

K-Bis Studio, a Polish company, has recently filed a patent for a beverage carton that neatly compresses down as you use it, reducing volume for recycling and keeping the contents fresh. Let’s take a look at how it works and its potential for change in the packaging industry. As members of the logistics sector, we’re [...]

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Why is Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition Important?

With Amazon wanting to get its claws into the physical retailing market, a lot of questions have stemmed from their recent acquisition of Whole Foods. Today, we’ll look at what’s happened since the acquisition, along with its current and potential effects on ecommerce and packaging. Earlier this year, natural food store Whole Foods was spiraling before they [...]

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Microtags: The Dust-Sized Future of Packaging Security

TruTag Technologies is making the tiniest anti-counterfeiting product to hit the market yet. Aptly called microtags, these dust-sized particles can be incorporated into almost anything and carry their own unique digital signature. It’s another miniature step towards a safer world for product and package alike. As we know, counterfeiting is a major worldwide problem, and [...]

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