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All Mailers Are
Not Created Equal.

Mailers are all the same. Right?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right mailer for your business. When considering the dimensions and shapes of products that you ship, choosing the right mailer can have an impact on damage claims, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line. CUSHION-AIR® Kraft Mailers mailers provide superior cushioning protection during the shipping cycle so your products are protected.

Light. Sturdy. Easy to Load.

You can actually feel the difference in CUSHION-AIR mailers. The inside of the mailer is lined edge-to-edge with high-slip bubble. Our unique bubble allows you to easily insert your product without resistance. When using a lower quality mailer, resistance can often lead to tearing on the sides or bottom. Our mailers are made of golden kraft paper giving them a solid and sturdy construction.

Seamless Bottom. More Room.

CUSHION-AIR mailers are designed with maximum ease of use and durability. Compared to other mailers, the bottom of CUSHION-AIR mailers are seamless and rounded, not tapered off. This actually provides you with more room for your products and prevents tearing with items that have sharp edges.

More Savings. Less Postage.

The cost of postage for every additional ounce has risen over 400% in the last 10 years. In 2007, the postal service has introduced shaped-based pricing on letters, flats and packages. Therefore, choosing mailers over boxes, if allowable, can mean significant savings to your business. CUSHION-AIR mailers are 10-15% lighter than padded mailers, which can help you stack up the savings on shipping and handling costs.

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