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About FP International

Arthur Graham, Founder of Free-Flow Packaging International, pioneered the interior packaging material industry in the 1950s as he headed a company that made soda fountain supplies. When making paper soda straws, the manufacturing process produced straw ends, paper scrap about three-quarters of an inch long that often went to waste. Instead, Graham offered these straw ends to several local businesses to use as packaging material to protect their products from damage. From there, loose fill packaging and FP International was born.

By the 1990s FP International again was revolutionizing the protective packaging marketplace with the introduction of the air cushion and air cushion inflation machines.

The MINI PAK’R, one of our most recent innovations, was originally designed and developed as a customer specific request and has quickly become an industry leading solution in the retail and parcel shipping markets.

Today FP International is a global, total solution provider and innovator of protective packaging systems. We have manufacturing facilities in the United States in both Illinois and Kentucky, as well as wholly-owned subsidiaries in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. We also have sales offices in Australia, Asia, and South America.

Our mission is to provide superior protective packaging solutions that exceed customers’ current and future needs while minimizing our impact on the environment. We offer a wide variety of standard and custom solutions for applications ranging from high-speed in-line packaging at distribution fulfillment centers to decentralized pack station applications that support large national retailers for their Ship-from-Store operations. Proudly, our products are also used and trusted by the world’s largest parcel delivery provider.

At FP International, we strive to make you and your customers’ experience a great one each and every time.