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What business owners and managers are saying about MINI PAK’R:

“Overall, the MINI PAK’R system saves us space and gives us timely packing cushions. We have no need to wait for the truck to bring in the bubble packs.” – Philip Varughese, Business Professional, Bachman Trains

“Makes more space available for us compared to Peanuts.” – Max Probasco, Business owner, AirGizmos LP

“MINI PAK’R has made a positive impact on our daily process of shipping out our product. We are trying to upgrade the look of our product and the new packaging that MINI PAK’R provides has helped it look more professional when it arrives, not to mention the packaging keeps our product from being damaged in transit.” – Aaron Appel, Business owner, OdorHog

“MINI PAK’R speeds up packaging; the pillows cover more area!” – Leo Rowan, Manager, Atlantic Water Gardens

“MINI PAK’R has helped our growing company save money through time savings (man hours) within the shipping department.” – Harvey Lizaso, Business owner, KT Mech

“We snuggle every glass Klein bottle in a bed of MINI PAK’R pillows for safe and secure shipping. Zero breakage means happy customers, lighter packages saves postage, and the tiny footprint means more room to assemble boxes. It’s our magic pillow machine!” – Cliff Stoll, Business Owner and Chief Bottle Washer, Acme Klein Bottle

“MINI PAK’R increases the speed at which we can process orders to ship. MINI PAK’R doesn’t clutter the work space.” – Raymond Spiess, Business owner, GC Supplied

“I was using an InstaPak and bubble wrap set-up prior. MINI PAK’R saves us time and space, allowing us to buy less quantity. We rarely use the previous products.” – Jody Taggett, Manager, LDS Vacuum Products

“MINI PAK’R makes it easier to get orders out faster.” – Mike Moot, Business owner, Telecom New Zealand

“We use MINI PAK’R on a daily basis. The great thing about MINI PAK’R is that it is extremely reliable.” – Gary Groppe, COO, Silencer Shop

“With MINI PAK’R, we have experienced packing flexibility as we can stock multiple formats and use them as required for varying shipments.” – Darin Danelski, Business owner, Brew-Boss

“Between the cost efficiency and time efficiency, it has made a huge difference in our shipping protocols. Thank you!” – Kim Donlin, Manager, Red Flower

“With MINI PAK’R, we now have packing material anytime we need it instead of trying to source / order / pick-up packing materials. Also, MINI PAK’R’s cushioning has prevented a lot of packages from being damaged.” – Jason Williams, Business owner, Williams Trading LLC

“MINI PAK’R makes it easier to pack.” – Maria Villanueva, Manager, Hayes Manufacturing Services

“MINI PAK’R is convenient, increases production, and is neat.” – TechValidate survey of a Small Business Food Company

“As a small manufacturing company, space is important. I make the pillows as I need them. The MINI PAK’R and rolls of film are one rolling unit that takes very little floor space.” – Caralyn Kieckhaefer, Business Owner, Patricia

“The MINI PAK’R has made customers on our end happier, as they do not like the shredded paper. Our shipping department is also very pleased with the ease of use.” – Amanda Giem, Purchasing, Temprel


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