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Case Study: Temprel

This case study of Temprel is based on a December 2015 survey of MINI PAK’R customers.

apostropheThe MINI PAK’R has made customers on our end happier, as they do not like the shredded paper. Our shipping department is also very pleased with the ease of use.”


Used the following protective packaging before purchasing the MINI PAK’R system:

  • Paper
Use Case
  • Describes their organization as Manufacturer.
  • Packs 100-500 boxes per week with MINI PAK’R.
  • Has experienced the following benefits from their use of the MINI PAK’R system:
    • Ease of use
  • Describes initial setup of the MINI PAK’R as fast and easy.
  • Rates the following benefits of the MINI PAK’R system compared to what they were previously using for protective packaging:
    • space savings: extremely superior
    • cost savings: superior
    • time savings: extremely superior
    • productivity: extremely superior
    • ease of use: extremely superior
  • Rates their experience with FP International:
    • customer service: extremely positive
    • help desk: extremely positive
Company Profile


Company Size:
Small Business

Automotive & Transport


The MINI PAK’R Air Cushion Machine from packaging industry leader FP International is one little machine that makes industrial strength packaging supplies – seven different types of inflatable packaging- whenever and wherever you need it.

The MINI PAK’R machine uses patented technology which allows air to move within pockets providing superior product protection as packages get handled by shippers

Source: Amanda Giem, Purchasing, Temprel
validatedPublished: Jan. 19, 2016