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Case Study: Williams Trading, LLC

This case study of Williams Trading, LLC is based on a December 2015 survey of MINI PAK’R® customers.

apostropheWith MINI PAK’R®, we now have packing material anytime we need it instead of trying to source / order / pick-up packing materials. Also, MINI PAK’R®’s cushioning has prevented a lot of packages from being damaged.”


Used the following protective packaging before purchasing the MINI PAK’R® system:

  • Paper
Use Case
  • Describes their organization as small retail (less than 5 locations).
  • Currently uses their MINI PAK’R® system for Ship-from-Store and / or Return-to-Manufacturer.
  • Packs 100-500 boxes per week with MINI PAK’R®.
  • Has experienced the following benefits from their use of the MINI PAK’R® system:
    • Ease of use
    • Space savings
    • Increased productivity
    • Variety of protective cushions available
    • Cost savings
    • Time savings
  • Describes initial setup of the MINI PAK’R® as fast and easy.
  • Rates the following benefits of the MINI PAK’R® system in comparison to what they were previously using for protective packaging:
    • Space savings: extremely superior
    • Cost savings: superior
    • Time savings: extremely superior
    • Productivity: extremely superior
    • Ease of use: extremely superior
  • Rates their experience with FP International:
    • Customer service: extremely positive
    • Help desk: extremely positive
Company Profile

Williams Trading, LLC

Company Size:
Small Business

Professional Services


The MINI PAK’R® Air Cushion Machine from packaging industry leader FP International is one little machine that makes industrial strength packaging supplies – seven different types of inflatable packaging- whenever and wherever you need it.

The MINI PAK’R® machine uses patented technology which allows air to move within pockets providing superior product protection as packages get handled by shippers

Source: Jason Williams, Business owner, Williams Trading LLC
validatedPublished: Feb. 23, 2016