Produce that Produces: The Effect of Digital Marketing on Grocery

There’s not much difference from one orange to another. Nevertheless, today’s consumers are inundated with options when shopping for ingredients for their next meal. It’s no longer enough for a grocery store to simply exist; to be successful, they need to convince potential customers that their produce is in some way superior to the selection [...]

Augmented Reality and Online Shopping

Starting as a gimmick with games and other apps, augmented reality will soon allow consumers to visualize products with their smartphones before they make a purchase. While the technology is still in its relative infancy, it stands to quickly become an ecommerce trend. You look around your room and see a familiar scene. The bed [...]

Why Product Reviews Matter

Imagine your target customer. They’re in the market for a product like yours. Opening their web browser, they search. The search brings up your product, or maybe it doesn’t. Your potential customer compares options. What brands offer this product at what price? Are there different models available? What are the differences between them? They settle [...]

Interview: The Mount Bakery and the Importance of Supporting the Community

Farm-to-table is an increasingly important facet in local food economy that businesses are learning they can’t ignore. While some might consider it a strange movement that has no basis in cost-effectiveness, the Mount Bakery of Bellingham, Washington is a case that proves sourcing food locally not only builds their bottom line, but their bond with [...]

Under The Cap: How Induction Sealing Works

Induction sealing technology is a widespread packaging technique, used in industries from pharmaceuticals to food production. There’s an interesting process behind those little foil seals on the necks of bottles, and some even more interesting history. Let’s take a look. It was 1982 in Chicago, and a string of inexplicable deaths had the city on [...]

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