Increasing Customer Loyalty With Shipping

In the world of ecommerce, shipping is so much more than moving items from point A to point B. In fact, a positive shipping experience helps to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition. A negative experience can have the opposite effect - turning customers, repeat or potential, off to your product. Shipping is one of [...]

Sustainable Packaging Material: How Air Cushions Fit In

Plastic is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sustainability. Did you know, though, that when it comes to protecting what matters, air cushion films are one of the best sustainable packaging options available on the current market? Contrary to popular belief, inflatable plastic films are one of the [...]

Ebay Seller Feedback: Improving Your Online Reputation

When you begin selling products on eBay you must familiarize yourself with a whole new world of online interaction. The Internet is a place where people (and customers) have become increasingly comfortable with voicing their opinions. When selling on eBay, these opinons come in as eBay seller feedback. In life, you were probably told that [...]

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How to Ship on eBay: A Beginner’s Guide

When you're just getting started, figuring out how to ship on eBay can be daunting. Small businesses like yours need to keep budgets small without sacrificing quality. But minimizing product damage is still important, especially when it comes to one-of-a-kind items or collectibles. If you are using eBay to sell products, you are probably familiar [...]

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