The Dirt on Conventional vs. Organic Farming

Americans continue to embrace and encourage organic farming. It’s important to understand exactly what organic farming means, what the benefits are, and if there are reasonable counterpoints from supporters of conventional techniques. According to the Organic Trade Association’s 2017 Organic Industry Survey, popularity of organic food is continuing its upward trend. In the United States, [...]

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Interview: The Mount Bakery and the Importance of Supporting the Community

Farm-to-table is an increasingly important facet in local food economy that businesses are learning they can’t ignore. While some might consider it a strange movement that has no basis in cost-effectiveness, the Mount Bakery of Bellingham, Washington is a case that proves sourcing food locally not only builds their bottom line, but their bond with [...]

Is Cultured Meat the Future of Agriculture?

As we try to provide food for an increasing world population, the question of how to feed more people with less space and resources is still a massive hurdle to overcome. Now, scientists and food companies are nearing the development of affordable meats created via stem cells. While the price remains relatively high, we could [...]

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