Online Grocery’s History and Future

The Internet is constantly proving that anything is possible. When ecommerce was new, online grocery shopping may have seemed logistically impossible. Now online grocery is a convenience that continues to take center stage in making lives easier and healthier. We live in the age of instant gratification. When we want something, we expect it in [...]

Albertsons Acquires Meal Kit Startup Plated

In September Albertsons, a large supermarket chain, acquired Plated, a New York-based meal kit delivery service. In what looks like a move to compete with Amazon Fresh, Albertsons is making their own foray into the meal kit market. If you’ve seen ABC’s investment TV show “Shark Tank,” a company by the name of Plated might [...]

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Interview: The Mount Bakery and the Importance of Supporting the Community

Farm-to-table is an increasingly important facet in local food economy that businesses are learning they can’t ignore. While some might consider it a strange movement that has no basis in cost-effectiveness, the Mount Bakery of Bellingham, Washington is a case that proves sourcing food locally not only builds their bottom line, but their bond with [...]

AgriCULTURE: How Farm-to-Table Builds Strong Communities

It's easy to dismiss the whole "Eat Fresh, Local, and Organic" craze as nothing more than a passing trend. Only hippies and health nuts are willing to pay extra just for a fancy green sticker on their food, right? With all this technology and mass, conventional farming techniques, why do the steps in between matter? If it tastes [...]

Farm to Table: 4 Interesting Food Logistics Facts You Should Know

With the recent General Mills flour contamination scare, now’s as good a time as ever to learn about food safety. While our ancestors might have foraged, planted and reaped, hunted, or fished for survival, most of us have the convenience of picking up everything we need right from the store. You don’t need to be [...]