Building Brand Reputation Through Business Partnerships

Lay’s Potato chips wants to put an even bigger smile on your face. A packaging campaign in early 2018 included the smiling faces of real customers and the logo of nonprofit organization, Operation Smile. Lay’s co-branded packaging with Operation Smile fulfilled two goals - connecting with consumers, especially millennials, and completing a charitable giving campaign. With every [...]

What is Microwave-Assisted Thermal Sterilization?

Microwave-assisted thermal sterilization (MAT) was developed initially as an alternative food preparation method for combat zones. Now, demand for this five-year-old technology has expanded beyond the battlefield. All humans must eat. In the 21st century, a huge amount of advanced technology exists with the sole purpose of feeding us. However, it’s unlikely that you will [...]

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Under The Cap: How Induction Sealing Works

Induction sealing technology is a widespread packaging technique, used in industries from pharmaceuticals to food production. There’s an interesting process behind those little foil seals on the necks of bottles, and some even more interesting history. Let’s take a look. It was 1982 in Chicago, and a string of inexplicable deaths had the city on [...]

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What on Earth are Metallized Films?

When people think of packaging, it’s easy to think that most materials are homogeneous (that is, the same type of material throughout): you have plastic films, metal foils, and paper and cardboard packaging, all straightforward and rather basic on their own. However, this is the 21st century, an era of scientific innovation spurred on by [...]

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