The Benefits of Sustainable Packaging

Cost and a lack of scalable innovations are barriers for sustainable business strategies, though there are many benefits to minimizing your footprint that exceed the expense. Thinking outside the box when it comes to your company’s packaging and shipping processes can keep your budget in the black while keeping the rest of the world green. [...]

Strength in Unity: An Overview of Hybrid Packaging Materials

For millennia, humans have been combining elements and materials together to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. It’s no different in the packaging industry, where hybrid packaging and multi-layered materials are found nearly everywhere. Homer’s Iliad is the earliest description of the Chimera, a terrifying mythical beast. In the epic poem, it’s described as [...]

Do You Know About Direct-Package Printing?

Hailed as the up-and-coming printing method, direct-package printing is primed to innovate the way we decorate packaging. By eliminating the need for labels, businesses can print directly on packages of any shape and size, opening limitless creative doors. But is it really all that it’s cracked up to be? You might have already heard about [...]

9 Creative Food Packaging Designs to Inspire Your Next Rebrand

When it comes to packaging, it's not just about the material you use, but how you dress it up. Since products on display have only a few seconds to win over a potential buyer, presentation is everything. It represents your company, its people, and its values; it establishes expectations for product quality; and most importantly, it [...]