How to Grow an Online Business

Buying and selling products online is nothing new, but the ability to grow your business so it reaches new heights may be. Your business is more than just uploading products to the internet and hoping for the best. It takes skill, research, and patience to push your company to the next level online. You did [...]

Packaging Films for Every Possibility

Do you ship fragile items? Maybe your products are an untraditional shape or extra-large. Would you believe that the MINI PAK’R inflates packing material that protects any and all of these possibilities? We have the right type of film for your product – let us help you find it. Why waste precious space with pre-filled [...]

Why Product Reviews Matter

Imagine your target customer. They’re in the market for a product like yours. Opening their web browser, they search. The search brings up your product, or maybe it doesn’t. Your potential customer compares options. What brands offer this product at what price? Are there different models available? What are the differences between them? They settle [...]

The Benefits of Dimensional Weight Over Physical Weight Pricing

As more and more shipping companies are switching over to dimensional weight pricing, a lot of people are wondering what the deal is. Why not stick with the traditional physical weight pricing model -- after all, the heavier the package, the more it should cost, right? It turns out physical weight might not actually be [...]