Online Grocery’s History and Future

The Internet is constantly proving that anything is possible. When ecommerce was new, online grocery shopping may have seemed logistically impossible. Now online grocery is a convenience that continues to take center stage in making lives easier and healthier. We live in the age of instant gratification. When we want something, we expect it in [...]

What is Google Express?

In a recent post, we mentioned Google Express as an up-and-coming challenger to Amazon’s tight grasp on ecommerce in the U.S. Despite Google’s own ubiquitous brand, many consumers either haven’t heard of it or don’t know how it works. Google is a household name. It’s a noun, a verb, and likely your browser homepage. Publicity [...]

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Why is Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition Important?

With Amazon wanting to get its claws into the physical retailing market, a lot of questions have stemmed from their recent acquisition of Whole Foods. Today, we’ll look at what’s happened since the acquisition, along with its current and potential effects on ecommerce and packaging. Earlier this year, natural food store Whole Foods was spiraling before they [...]

A Clash of Titans: A Look At Walmart’s Strategy For Taking On Amazon

As Walmart attempts to stay relevant in a rapidly changing commercial climate, it’s been acquiring smaller businesses in an effort to diversify and add talent to their executive roster. With arch-rival Amazon looming and employing a similar strategy, Walmart has been buying out corporations at a rapid pace since the middle of last year. Walmart [...]

Warren Buffett, Walmart, and the Shift to Ecommerce

In February, billionaire investor Warren Buffett announced that he was dropping 90 percent of his stock in Walmart. This is a grim prophecy for the retail juggernaut, which faces stiff competition in rival Amazon. Walmart, in addition to encouraging customers to order online and pick up in store, has recently announced the launch of a new [...]