Produce that Produces: The Effect of Digital Marketing on Grocery

There’s not much difference from one orange to another. Nevertheless, today’s consumers are inundated with options when shopping for ingredients for their next meal. It’s no longer enough for a grocery store to simply exist; to be successful, they need to convince potential customers that their produce is in some way superior to the selection [...]

What is Microwave-Assisted Thermal Sterilization?

Microwave-assisted thermal sterilization (MAT) was developed initially as an alternative food preparation method for combat zones. Now, demand for this five-year-old technology has expanded beyond the battlefield. All humans must eat. In the 21st century, a huge amount of advanced technology exists with the sole purpose of feeding us. However, it’s unlikely that you will [...]

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Virtual Reality Used to Alleviate Pain and Anxiety

While debate rages on in the video gaming community to decide whether virtual reality is a novelty or the next step in the evolution of the industry, a different approach to VR has quietly been growing since the 1990s. Researchers believe that virtual reality is the next step in reducing medical patients' pain and anxiety. [...]

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The Best of Both Worlds: Online And Physical Retail Together

Electronics retailer Best Buy has posted online sales exceeding $1 billion for three consecutive quarters, exemplifying an economy that continues to gravitate toward the Internet. At the same time, online-only retailers have been investing in short-term physical locations to sell their wares. What does this two-way trend mean for the future of retail? Over the [...]