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An Affordable Solution for Small Businesses Everywhere!

The savviest small businesses know that branding means everything. After all, you’ve worked so hard to build a business that reflects your mission, passion, and commitments to your customers and community. With that in mind, a broken product in transit translates to a customer’s broken faith.

Choose from a variety of MINI PAK’R packaging films and accessories to ramp up your packaging game, wrapping your products with industrial-strength films for a fraction of the time, space, and cost. We also offer custom printing solutions to stamp your brand on the films directly, identifying your company both inside the box as well as out.

With the MINI PAK’R, we’re here to help you protect what matters most.

MINI PAK’R® – Easy To Use, Versatile, Sustainable.

MINI PAK’R® is space saving and versatile enough to grow as your packaging needs evolve. The MINI PAK’R® dispenses seven styles of the film for a wide variety of packaging applications, 100% recyclable, and backed by the industry’s strongest warranty making the MINI PAK’R® the perfect choice for your protective packaging needs.