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The MINI PAK’R® air cushion machine will help reduce your damage claims.

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FP International film is the best in the industry. Choose from seven film styles.

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Maximize your efficiency with these must-have MINI PAK’R® accessories.

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Pack Like A Pro!

The MINI PAK’R® helps save Time, Space, and Money, while ensuring your customer has a great experience each and every time they open the box. The MINI PAK’R® is so easy to set up and operate that you’ll be making your own bubble packaging in minutes. MINI PAK’R® film is shipper-approved and features patented air transfer technology which allows the air to move within the cushions and absorb the shock, protecting your products during shipment. Don’t settle for less. Order your MINI PAK’R® today!
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MINI PAK’R® air cushion packaging costs less than traditional void fill bubble or packing peanuts

Better Protection

MINI PAK’R® offers several films that have air transfer technology, which reduces shock during transit by allowing air to move freely within the cushions, minimizing the risk of potential product damage.

Plug and Play, Save Time

Plug the MINI PAK’R® in and start making protective packaging material

Easy To Use

Easily identifiable film sizes and thicknesses make selection a breeze

Small Footprint

Only weighing 13 pounds, MINI PAK’R® can be used on counter tops, from a wall mount, or even portably

State of the Art Circuitry

Using RFID technology and few moving parts, MINI PAK’R® is practically maintenance free

Better for the Environment

All MINI PAK’R® films have a number 4 recyclability rating