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MINI PAK’R® Wall Mount

Save even more space in your packaging area with the optional MINI PAK’R® Wall Mount Kit. Simple to install above a table or packaging station, the MINI PAK’R® Wall Mount gives you easy access to packaging materials for efficient wrapping and packing.

The Wall Mount allows the MINI PAK’R® machine to be installed on any wall surface, saving space and delivering air cushions into position for quick packing.

Please note:
If you have the Version 1 machine you will need to upgrade to a Version 2 machine kit in order to add the wall mount accessory. Contact our customer service department for more info. +1-800-888-3725.


• Wall Mount Bracket
• Wall Anchor Plate
• Socket Head Screws
• M5 Nylon Lock Nuts
• 1/4″x3″ Toggle Bolt for Wall Board
• 1/4″x1 1/2″ Wood Screws
• 1/4″x1 3/4″ Concrete Screws
• Installation & Assembly Instructions

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