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Packing & Shipping Made Easy

MINI PAK’R is used at thousands of Pack & Ship locations, letting store owners handle a wide range of packing challenges while consuming very little space. Choose from a wide variety of MINI PAK’R films for all your packaging needs:

We are proud that millions of our customers’ packages make it safely to their destinations while using our American-made air cushions. Will you join the growing number of businesses that have chosen MINI PAK’R?

Pack & Ship with MINI PAK’R® is as easy as 1-2-3!

Today’s Pack & Ship stores are challenged by space, a wide range of packaging applications and employee turnover. The MINI PAK’R has a small footprint, is easy to use and is versatile making it the perfect solution for the experienced and inexperienced packer.  The materials the MINI PAK’R dispenses are designed to handle a wide range of applications and often replace space consuming materials such as bagged loosefill or bundled bubble.

*49.28% biodegradation in 900 days under non-typical conditions; no evidence of further biodegradation.