Ship From Store

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Ship-from-store with MINI PAK’R®

Ship-from-store is today’s hottest retail trend, in which brick-and-mortar retailers fulfill online orders from nearby stores. The logistics, handling and space demands of pre-manufactured packaging materials is problematic for Ship-from-store retailers at both the Store and Distribution Center levels. The space-saving versatile MINI PAK’R® has become the packaging tool of choice for many omnichannel retailers today.

Ship-from-store helps save sales, improve margins, reduce delivery times and will keep your customers coming back for more. Protect your inventory, save on damaged shipments costs, and maximize your retail associates’ time with the MINI PAK’R®.

How does MINI PAK’R® Help Your Omnichannel Needs?

Brick-and-mortar retailers challenged with competing against large e-tailers, have discovered the value of utilizing their existing store base and inventory to ship customer orders from the most local store thus leveraging inventory reducing freight costs and extending the number of selling days.