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Start-Up Subscription



Send up to 500 packages per month! 

  • 4 Rolls of film per year
  • 1 Replacement belt and blade kit per year
Growth Subscription



Send up to 1,250 packages per month!

  • 12 Rolls of film per year
  • 4 Replacement belt and blade kits per year
Scale Subscription



Send up to 2,500 packages per month!

  • 24 Rolls of film per year
  • FREE Replacement belt and blade kits as needed
Custom Subscription


Custom Rate Plan

  • Dedicated MINI PAK'R® machines per the need
  • High Availability / Redundancy
  • Managed onboarding with technicians
  • Fastest support response



Each subscription includes a serialized MINI PAK'R for your use. If you end your subscription, simply send the machine back to us. 

Cancel Any Time

You can cancel at any point during your plan for no fee. Simply send the MINI PAK'R back within 15 days of canceling to avoid additional charges.


Pick from four styles of air cushions when you start your subscription. Change cushions at any time by logging and updating your account. 

Live Support

Our support team is here to help you with any questions you may have via online chat, telephone, or email. 

Free Shipping

You will NEVER be charged additional shipping charges while enrolled in the subscription plans.

Worry Free

We've got your back. We've built in maintenance items into each subscription plan, and we cover shipping in case something needs to come back. 

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