How to Appeal to the Modern Consumer Through Packaging

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What can you give consumers that no other brand can? How do you step outside the normal and into a world that draws and attracts as well as keeps modern consumers, especially in today’s world where attention spans are virtually non-existent? These are necessary questions you need to ask yourself as you embark on creating product packaging that has the ability to withstand the ultimate test: the opinion of your consumers. 

Simple ways to make your product stand out

1. Before we get into the crazy ideas to make your packaging stand out, let’s first dial it back to the the basics. Some simple, creative ways to make your product the best of the best is to think about the actual material you use to make your packaging. People are drawn to things they can touch and experience, so why not take that natural instinct and use it as a way to sell and represent your product? Instead of flat, matte packaging, have you ever thought of using upraised dots, swirls, or even a grainy texture? These add-ons will make your product far more memorable and people will want to talk about it and share it! 

2. Going greenThis can be as simple or as involved as you want. People now are looking to companies to start adopting a greener way of life, and believe it or not, many times this has a direct correlation to sales and keeping an audience. Saving the Earth? It’s so in. While this may take more planning than you want, taking steps to be greener will only help you in the long run. Do some research on your packaging and see if it makes sense (and is doable) to make it out of recycled materials. Can you reduce the amount of packaging materials you use to ship a product? Even going as far as replacing the ink you use with soy-based materials that have the ability to dissolve and degrade over time in landfills. Another way to go green? Participate in ecolabeling. 

3. The most basic way to make your product stand out is through custom branding. This means a special logo, slogan, and even the very last line of art on the packaging. Branding takes effort, creativity, and the patience to do a whole lot of trial and error. Branding gives you the ability to make your product stand out and to  earn its name and reputation. A strong brand is what will set you apart from the other products on the shelf.

Middle ground opportunities 

1. So you want to go a little bit above and beyond the above? Super! This is where SmartLabels come in, especially if your product is food-based (though it’s not limited to just food!). SmartLabels allow customers to scan the QR code on your product and learn more about said product. SmartLabels give you the chance to share with your consumer every little part of your product: everything from serving suggestions to how much saturated fat is in your product. SmartLabels were created because modern consumers are continually asking for more information, more value, and less wait time to get everything they demand out of a product. SmartLabels can provide customers with nutritional information, ingredients, allergens, certification, social compliance products, usage instructions, brand information and pretty much anything else your consumer would ever want. Some companies doing it right are Fiber One, Degree, Lipton, Brookside, and Garnier. 

2. Let’s get back to talking green for a moment, but this time dive into ecolabeling. Ecolabeling is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification that is practiced around the world. It sets you apart and makes your product and product packaging competitive because it blatantly shows customers that you care about being more green. With ecolabeling, your consumer can be assured that what they are buying has been under a close eye and that you are manufacturing under recognized environmental standards. 


When it comes to appealing to the modern customer, there are a slew of ways to grab and keep their attention. Gone is the time when you could make a product and keep the packaging simple. With the modern consumer you have to take into consideration far more than what you product is at the core of it all. Whether you want to start off small or really go for the gold, making your product packaging notable and branded is a crucial part in keeping your product on the shelves and in people’s hands.  

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