air cushion vs bubble wrap

Less is More.

minipakr machineThis is our answer to the important question of how to ship the growing number of parcels sustainably.

We do this by using air in an innovative way. Air makes up more than 99% of our protective packaging; less than 1% is fully recyclable material. MINI PAK'R® is an expert in air cushions, which solve your packaging challenges by increasing packaging speed and reducing packaging material, transport costs, storage space and return rates. 


Less Energy

We only produce 100% reusable and recyclable packaging materials. Our products have the lowest carbon footprint in the industry, which makes them effective to manufacture, transport and recycle. 

Less Time

Less Time

Since our products are manufactured on site and on demand, you will spend less time handling material and changing rolls. Integrating our inflators into your packing stations will cut down on storage space and increase both productivity and packing speed.

Weight Icon

Less Weight

Packing with air protects your products without adding excess weight to your package – it reduces both weight and the carbon footprint of the journey to your customer.

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Less Material

Our air cushions are made from 99% air, are fully recyclable and contain no harmful substances. Even the cores of our rolls are recycled and 100% recyclable. 

Our MINI PAK'R Air Cushions (99% Air & 1% Film) offer better protection than the usual standard bubble wrap using less material.

Our air cushions are all recyclable.

FP air cushions are made of “virgin” Polyethylene, a non-contaminated plastic material that keeps them 100% recyclable throughout the whole recycling process. 

If you choose not to keep and reuse our air cushions for your future protective packaging needs, you can dispose of deflated air cushions in the recycling bin where applicable. 

All of our products are clearly marked with the internationally recognised coding system. If you are unsure, you can visit for help.