Save Money on Packaging and Damage Claims Reduction

When it comes to running a business, money is the lifeblood that keeps it going. Naturally, your profits come from selling products to customers, but there are still ways to keep costs down and your cash flow up.

Used and trusted by the world’s largest parcel shipper, millions of shipments are made each year using MINI PAK’R® air cushions, which are designed for maximum product protection. This, in turn, means less damaged goods in transit, and less money spent on replacements and the labor to fill out the paperwork.

The MINI PAK’R® is also used as part of retailer ship-from-store programs, which allows them to take advantage of in-store micro-warehouse opportunities to ship directly to local customers, reducing freight charges and increasing inventory turnover.  Large retailers who optimize a ship-from-store program have even been able to reduce their distribution center and warehouse needs.

The MINI PAK’R® is streamlined to save your business money in more ways than one!