Packaging Films for Every Possibility

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Do you ship fragile items? Maybe your products are an untraditional shape or extra-large. Would you believe that the MINI PAK’R inflates packing material that protects any and all of these possibilities? We have the right type of film for your product – let us help you find it.

Why waste precious space with pre-filled bubble wrap or bulky loosefill? With the MINI PAK’R, one small machine quickly inflates what you need, when you need it to save you space, time, and money. Gone are the days when you have to run to the store every time your supply of Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap is low. Our easy online ordering and brand new mobile application means restocking is as simple as logging on to your computer or scrolling through your cell phone.

You may be wondering the price of all this convenience. Well, it may surprise you, but we think MINI PAK’R will save you money. Our air cushions are designed for maximum product protection. Not only will you have fewer products returning damaged to eat into your bottom line, but you will also save on shipping costs and restocking fees. Air cushions are incredibly light – after all, they are filled with air – so weight-based shipping is no longer your budget’s enemy. Their superior protection also means you need less of them, letting you restock your supply less often than with other packing materials. Less packing material needed means we can also help you with dimensional weight pricing (DIM), allowing you to use smaller packages with the same amount of protection.

Still skeptical? Think your product is too specific, too big, or too small? If you ship anything from delicate, easily-damaged electronics to bulky auto parts, we have the film for you. With this guide, you will be able to choose the right film for the job.

The Basics

If you are looking for packing material for the average item – maybe it is a book or an item pre-packaged in its own box – traditional air pillows are for you. We offer two convenient sizes: 4×8 and 8×8 square bags. These low-density polyethylene cushions are ideal if you are using the void fill or block-and-brace packing methods by filling the empty spaces in full or strategically to prevent movement within the box.

For the environmentally-conscious business owner, we also offer our traditional air pillows in the form of biodegradable* 4×8 and 8×8 square bags. These bags can be used similarly to their non-biodegradable counterparts, but also biodegrade when in the presence of micro-organisms.

Quilted for Strength

Our Pillow Pak Quilts are the perfect substitute for premade bubble wrap. The small, medium, and large sizes are ideal for any item that needs to be wrapped or stacked for protection. Each size quilt has progressively larger air pockets to plug every nook and cranny or fill a larger space with less material, depending on your needs. All of our MINI PAK’R quilts contain air transfer technology which keeps products safe by transferring away any shock that may occur during the shipping and delivery processes. Loose products without their own external packaging could be effectively shipped using Pillow Pak Quilts.

Medium size quilts are also available using our biodegradable or anti-static films to fit your shipping needs. Anti-static films are perfect for shipping electronics as the block harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD) from ruining your product. Our film meets or exceeds the ESD performance criteria of four established standards: 1. EIA-541 2. CID A-A-549E 3. MIL-B-81705C 4. PPP-C-795D Class 2. These standards have two major ESD criteria: 1. Static decay: less than two (2) seconds. 2. Surface resistivity: less than 1×1012 ohms/sq.

Keep in mind that our Pillow Pak Quilts are larger than our standard square bag air pillows; you may require a Pillow Pak Support Arm to inflate them using a MINI PAK’R. Reference the information on each quilts product page before purchase if you do not have a Pillow Pak Support Arm.

Specialty Films

MINI PAK’R also supports two types of specialty films: double cushion and supertube.

Our double cushion film is ideal when using the top fill or side fill packing methods. Use it when you are packing items that otherwise fit perfectly into a box, but may leave some open space on the top or side. Use double cushion films when packing boxes that include layered insert trays to fit a specific product or when shipping multiple individually packaged items in the same box.

Supertube is our answer to shipping fragile items. This flexible tube folds in two directions. Use it as a lining for boxes, to wrap corners, or fold it to hold your products in place. Glassware, pottery, and other breakable items are perfect for our supertube film.

Our double cushion and supertube films also contain air transfer technology to keep products safe from shock.

All that with one machine?

We know, the MINI PAK’R is pretty impressive. One machine that takes up just inches more than a single square foot of table space (or none if you use our wall mount kit) can inflate films for almost every conceivable product. Still don’t believe us? Take a look at our Happy Customers page. We are always working toward improving our product offerings; if you have a product that you think might stump the MINI PAK’R, we’re all ears.



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